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Make Your Kids Cheer Up By Using Kids Foot Locker Coupon Codes for Purchases

Have you been wondering about what present to give to your kids on their birthdays? Well, here is the solution. Use these Kids Foot Locker coupon codes to make purchases of special gifts.

images 19 Make Your Kids Cheer Up By Using Kids Foot Locker Coupon Codes for Purchases

Kids Foot Locker Coupon Codes Approaching Their Expiry

With Foot Locker making it easy and economical, you can purchase products of renowned brands at Foot Locker for your kids at a very stumpy price by using Kids Foot Locker coupon codes. Let’s begin with a coupon having promo code as “LKS13M5T”. This coupon proposes free shipping on picking up kid’s items at foorlocker.com worth $50 or more. This coupon can only be utilized till 31st December 2013. A second coupon of this sort results in a discount of $15 on orders of $75 or above. Promo code “LKS1K7SV” should be used for this coupon. This coupon is also planned to come to an end on 31st December 2013.

Coupons with Discount in Amount

These coupons entitle you to purchase items of prominent brands for your kids which they like. You can also shop for an item to give them a surprise which they will surely love. A Kids Foot Locker coupon code’s promo code is “LKS1K7SN”. It provides a $20 markdown in total payment provided that you spend $120 or more on kid’s items at footlocker.com. This coupon will become void on 31st December 2013. “IP222W57” is the promo code of another coupon. You can obtain the benefit of free shipping if you expend $50 or more. These are some real chances for getting discounts. Don’t miss them.

Enjoy Discounts without Worrying About Expiry KFL storefront 300x201 Make Your Kids Cheer Up By Using Kids Foot Locker Coupon Codes for Purchases

Foot Locker also tenders coupons which give a percent off discount on the total value of purchases. One such coupon having promo code as “AFMACTKF” promises a discount of 10% on purchases of any kids’ items of the value of $50 or more. This is an ongoing coupon as it has no expiry. Another Kids Foot Locker coupon code of this type is “AFMEVAKF”. The deal on this coupon is a discount of 15% but the condition to get this discount is that you spend as a minimum an amount of $75 or more. Same as above, this coupon also doesn’t have any expiry date.

Coupons for Bulk Purchasers

Foot Locker tenders coupons for all types of customers. For those who purchase a single item it has different coupons and for those who purchase in bulk it also has offers for them. A coupon with promo code as “LKS13476” offers a discount of $30 on procuring items of $200. According to Foot Locker, this coupon is best suited to bulk purchasers. The expiry date of this coupon is 31st December 2013. One more offer for bulk purchasers has promo code as “LKS13475”. The maximum discount that you would get by using this coupon is $25 on spending $175 or above.

Coupons with Anonymous Expiry Dates

These are a kind of Kids Foot Locker coupon codes which could expire at any time. So try not to lose these amazing discounts by thinking for too long. “LKS1F7SN” is the promo code of one such coupon. The discount available on this coupon is $20 on purchases of $120. For details regarding the brands on which this coupon applies, you should visit www.footlocker.com. Another coupon of this category has promo code as “LKS139ME”. According to the terms of this coupon you can get a discount of $15 if you spend $75 on qualifying items at footlocker.com.

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