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Foot Locker Coupons: The Widely-Spread Foot Myths

Have you heard of any myths about the foot recently? Xenna Corporation, a company based in Princeton, New Jersey that produces and distributes hair care and foot care products has announced a press release and itemized the popular myths about the feet. These myths are:

 Foot Locker Coupons: The Widely Spread Foot Myths

  1. A person with webbed feet is the life of the party and would make a good entertainer or salesperson.

  2. A person with narrow feet are quiet and shy.

  3. A person with wide feet have strong values in the family and is a hard worker.

  4. A person with long toes are considered among the world’s thinkers.

  5. If a person has a longer second toe than his other toes  he is conservative, dependable  and controls his emotion.

  6. If a person has a bigger 3rd toe then he has a temper and is hot-headed.

Ordinary people and researchers tested the myths and have found out that they are just plain myths – a fabrication made by some people that were widely spread throughout the years in many parts of the world.

 Foot Locker Coupons: The Widely Spread Foot Myths

The perks in using Foot Locker Coupons for every purchase of sports shoes, apparel and accessories at Foot Locker stores is not a myth. It’s not a falsehood or an illusion. It’s a truth that could be proven by actual visit of the store or ordering sports stuff online at www.footlocker.com.

Among the high quality shoes being offered via Foot Locker Coupons are the following:

The  Nike Air Force One Low Comfort – Men’s shoes. This is Nike’s iconic hoops shoe that was transformed into a comfortable street essential. The design of the shoe was taken from Nike Air Force 1 Comfort Premium and has the outline of the early ’80s and with leather upper added. Use Foot Locker discount coupons when you every purchase at Foot Locker stores.

The Nike Air DT Max ’96 – Men’s shoe is also a classic design from year 1996. This athletic-inspired casual shoe is a combination of leather and mesh material with a rubber outsole and Max Air® for cushioning. Currently on sale at Foot Locker stores – you can get discount on top of the sale price when you present Foot Locker coupons in store.

The Strength Training Shoe for men can help you jump higher and run faster in the field or in the court. The performance of this training shoe has been tested and proven. It comes with an HD DVD training video, a laminated card and a stretch strap for pre-stretching and post-stretching exercises. This would be a steal for Foot Locker online coupons holders!

Foot Locker Coupons privileges is not a myth – it’s a fact that many Foot Locker customers could attest to. Order for that pair of shoes from Foot Locker and be among its lucky customers today. Free shipping is also offered for selected items or for purchases of $75 and above. Hurry and avail of the on-going sale for brands like, Nike, adidas, and more!

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